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        建造一個實現多級教育、容納3000多名不同年齡層的學生就讀的學校需要在注重建筑設計的同時保證功能的發揮。建筑師Michel Petit與Johannes Schilling受到德國音樂家巴赫的啟發,用“矛盾中統一”的理念應對了這個難題,完成了盧森堡馬默的歐羅巴學校二期項目。

        Developing a school campus for over 3000 pupils of different ages and at different stages of education requires architecture that unites through design whilst being simultaneously open in terms of function. The architects Michel Petit and Johannes Schilling tackled this multifaceted task for European School II in Mame, Luxembourg with their concept “Contrariness in Unity”, which was inspired by the musician Johann Sebastian Bach. 

        項目詳情  Project details


        歐羅巴學校二期 Europe School 2

        旭格產品Products:旭格AWS 75.SI窗系統,旭格煙熱排除通風系統SHEVS,旭格 TipTronic,旭格FW 60+.SI幕墻系統

        項目地點Location:盧森堡馬默Mamer, Luxembourg

        建筑事務所Architects:Michel Petit Architecte

        專業顧問Specialist:Sermelux Aluminium SA



        They created an ensemble of buildings which provides children with an identifiable and enjoyable learning and living space. The generous proportions of the light penetration as well as the effective fire- and smoke protection, created with window, fa?ade and SHEVS systems from Schüco, play a significant role in this.



        項目最大的技術難點是安裝852扇旭格TipTronic窗扇,由356個總線組集中控制。為此,旭格與建筑師緊密合作,完成開發與安裝。此外,為了滿足盧森堡建筑當局的節能要求,幕墻的U值(隔熱標準數值)小于0.7 W(m2K)。

        The greatest technological challenge was the 852 TipTronic window vents, which are controlled via 356 BUS line groups. They were developed and installed in close collaboration with Schüco. In order to meet the strict requirements of the energy policies set out by the Luxembourg building authorities, fa?ades with a U value of less than 0.7 W(m2K) were created.

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